About [kameraphoto]

The Collective

[kameraphoto] is a collective of photographers founded in January of 2003. It is a structure that brings together different visions of the contemporary Portuguese photography, committed to the creation and production of collective projects. The collective also encourages its members to develop personal projects.

The commitment put into collective productions as well as into individual ones makes [kameraphoto] a critical space promoting photography that allows the structure to be diverse in its visions and perceptions of the world as well as in the many forms of expression through photographic means.

The collective has presently 12 members:

Alexandre Almeida, Augusto Brázio, Céu Guarda, Guillaume Pazat, João Pina, Jordi Burch, Martim Ramos, Nelson d'Aires, Pauliana Valente Pimentel, Pedro Letria, Sandra Rocha and Valter Vinagre.

Visit us in http://www.kameraphoto.com/